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 Man Advice- How To Choose Valentine's Day Gifts_1615

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PostSubject: Man Advice- How To Choose Valentine's Day Gifts_1615   Man Advice- How To Choose Valentine's Day Gifts_1615 EmptyFri Jul 29, 2011 2:50 am

Man Advice: How To Choose Valentine's Day Gifts

Valentine's Day, one of the most anticipated days for couples, is fast approaching. You should start listing down possible gifts you can give your special someone. After all, you don't want your wife or girlfriend to feel unappreciated, do you? Better find a gift that shows exactly how much you care!Relax! It's a good thing that the best Valentine's gifts are usually the staples, and are also the ones that you can find anywhere. These are chocolates, jewelry, and flowers.Red roses are a good choice regardless of the stage of your relationship; they are appropriate in expressing either initial attraction or deep appreciation. Be advised though that giving them in three's is usually taken as a declaration of love (three red roses translate to 'I love you'). If you're not ready to go down that road yet, a single long-stemmed rose or a dozen in a bouquet is your safest best.Mention the word chocolate, and you'll have a woman salivating like there's no tomorrow. Chocolate is a very flexible gift, both budget-wise and meaning-wise. Giving chocolates can be very sweet and friendly, or intimate and seductive. Also, you can either be budget-conscious, or you can go and break the bank! The choice is yours. Just make sure your girl isn't on a diet!But nothing beats jewelry when it comes to making your girl melt. A deeper, lasting relationship deserves something as special as a ring, while a relationship that's just starting to develop can do with simple bracelets, necklaces, and other smaller trinkets. However, you really should be careful when you give expensive jewelry as this does have its underlying meanings, so you would do well to think this through to avoid being misinterpreted.Apart from the obvious and more traditional gifts, there are more options you could choose from. If she collects a certain item, add something to her collection. If she loves books, get something that she might want to read. You can also get her CDs, DVDs, perfume, or even pajamas. It's just a matter of knowing what fits her personality best.If you're up to it, a self-composed song, poetry or love letter is still in fashion. In fact, something you labored on may make a more valuable gift than an expensive product you bought at the store. Put your talents into good use. If you have a knack for making great videos, how about a musical montage? If you're good with woodwork, make a handcrafted jewelry box. Cook for her, even if you have to learn to. Your effort will make a statement. And the one thing that can really set you apart is your originality and spontaneity when it comes to choosing and giving your gift. Why not set a picnic in the park? Or, you can get tickets to a concert that your girl has been wanting to see? Why, if you have the budget, you can even arrange a romantic getaway! The idea is to strengthen your bonds as a couple, and Valentine's Day is the perfect occasion to do so.Whatever gift you get, in the end, it's not the material gift that matters, but the thought and feelings behind the gift. The essence of Valentines Day is in the bonding between you and your lover. Once you place that bond above all else, then everything else will work out great.

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Man Advice- How To Choose Valentine's Day Gifts_1615
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